Stranjah Miller born Desmond Anthony Miller on December 18, 1985 in the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica. He went to live in kingston after finishing school in clarendon. At the age of 14 Stranjah was passionate about reggae music, and always want to become and recording artist or been inlove some musical field.

At 23 Stranjah started out producing and composing Instrumentals for himself and young artiste in his community. Stranjah’s influences include some of his favourite artiste such as CapletonSizzlaJah MasonAnthony B & many various inspirational musicians. 

To date Stranjah Miller has recorded a series of singles, including  his big song (Kingston Town) that give huge buzz accross Europe.  

He is now focusing on releasing his first album with with french record label Irie Ites. Even though Stranjah is an upcoming artist his style, his music will make u think hes already a big established artist. Stranjahwould one day want to collaborate with Chronnixx and the rest of the Rastafari revolutionary artistes. 

2023 his first album Montain under the KDM label

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